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  • Browser-Push-Notifications

  • Okay, this happens as well, when trying to post on forums. And again, no notification is pushed. The same happened on my server as well.

    The server encountered an unresolvable problem, please try again later.

    Exception ID: f56a8bcfb04b4d5cd8fd90d3b325139d809a4dd9

  • Exception ID: f56a8bcfb04b4d5cd8fd90d3b325139d809a4dd9

    I'd need the exception itself. ;)

    I just released 1.1.0 Alpha 2 - it should solve this issue since I got some exceptions over here too.

    @cyberlocc I moved the thread to the bugs-forum, you were almost correct. ;)

    For your information: There was an issue in case a notification should be sent but none of the recipients subscribed to the Push Notifications. (array_chunk appears within the exception if you want to check whether it's the same issue)

  • Yes the array chunk was what I was getting. :). Ill check it out later today :).